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While navigating the path to language proficiency might seem challenging, my personalised online courses and your dedication will empower you to conquer challenges with confidence.

Say goodbye to boring learning experiences! Join me today for a transformative language learning experience and discover the endless possibilities that fluency in Chinese can unlock in your life.


Hi! 點呀 ?

I'm Ryan, a language teacher from Hong Kong. Currently pursuing my PhD in Edinburgh, my passion lies in the joy of teaching and witnessing the blossoming confidence of my students as they engage in Chinese conversation.



With a wealth of experience and teaching expertise, I offer a highly professional and structured approach to language learning. My methods are rooted in both teaching practice and academic research, ensuring an engaging and tailored learning environment. I'm dedicated to helping you master linguistic skills while gaining a deeper appreciation for cultural nuances.


More than a Language Teacher

My teaching philosophy is "Less Lecturing, More Practicing." I strive to create a friendly and interactive learning environment where you can practice speaking, listening, reading, and writing Chinese. I also aim to provide insights into the rich history and diverse nature of the Chinese languages.


Learn Smarter, Not Harder

I believe in a "learner-centered" approach to language learning. Having taught over 300 students of all ages and levels, I recognize that each individual has unique learning capacities, goals, and habits. With this in mind, I will tailor my teaching methods to suit your specific needs and help you achieve your language learning goals.


My primary goal is to help you improve your speaking proficiency in both quality and quantity, from sentence to paragraph to discourse. Improving your speaking and listening skills will create a strong foundation for developing your reading and writing abilities.


Correct linguistic usage is important, but cultural appropriateness is equally vital when using Chinese. My understanding of Chinese style and register will help you speak Chinese more authentically, making your oral communication more effective.


With an overwhelming amount of materials available for learning Chinese, my approach emphasizes the appropriate selection and usage of materials that prioritize real-world language usage to complete various communication tasks effectively.


Here's What Others Have Said
About My Classes

“Ryan is an awesome teacher! I am an advanced Cantonese speaker, and upon meeting him, he quickly adapted his pedagogy to my needs. He asks many questions, allowing me to speak as much as possible, and corrects and interjects just the right amount, so as to not overwhelm me with too much information. Furthermore, he speaks great English (and Mandarin), so he can quickly translate or explain a concept if necessary. I have had many language teachers in my life, and can honestly say that he is one of the better ones!”

Matthew, Canada

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